The 4 Golden Rules of a Great Shared Kids Bedroom

When children share a room, it could be a match made in heaven, but it can also increase the conflict to a hellish degree! It’s vital to make sure that both kids are happy, so what does it really take to make sure that a shared bedroom promotes happiness and harmony? It’s all in the organization. Let’s show you some essential practices.

Saving Space

Of course, with two children in one room, they are going to feel like they don’t have their own space. Older children will need some time to be on their own and they won’t feel like they are. But bunk beds are one of the best ways to save space; they can ensure that the child on the top bunk has a bit more privacy because they are far away, but they are also feeling a little bit more separate from the younger child. Cuckooland’s bunk bed collection is one of many bunk beds that can create that notion of space. Bunk beds also make sure that you can maximize the floor space so the children will not feel cramped.

Add a Divider

Privacy really is the name of the game when it comes to a shared bedroom. A divider can ensure that both children have a sense of privacy when it’s needed, but what type of divider should you use? The answer depends on the size of the room. You could easily find a mobile screen partition that you can put up when children need privacy and then store away under the bed. If both children have single beds, you can put up a voile curtain or a piece of furniture that can separate the space more effectively; a bookshelf that can be accessed from both sides is a practical solution while giving both children space.

Keep the Space Simple

One of the biggest issues with a shared bedroom is that it can easily become cluttered. It’s vital to keep the decor and items to a bare minimum because there are already two children in the space. This may mean having to teach your children the importance of tidying up after themselves, but it’s also vital to be on top of the decluttering. When you start to declutter more regularly it will make everything far less stressful. Decluttering is good for the space, but it also means that you can start to get rid of things your children don’t use anymore. The more streamlined the system, the less chance there will be arguments over territoriality.

Let the Children Personalize Their Space

One of the biggest problems in having a shared space is that neither child thinks it’s completely theirs. You can give each child the opportunity to choose the right colors and patterns for the things they are going to use, such as their desk, personal items, or bedding. Once they’ve decided, you can paint the walls and add decor that bridges the gap more effectively, which can create a positive atmosphere and make sure both children are more comfortable.

It can be a tough thing to sell but having a shared bedroom doesn’t need to descend into arguments, as long as you understand the bare essentials.

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