Making it as a Freelance Writer: How to Write Your Way to the Bank

Did you know that writers are in high demand? In fact, there are many writers that easily take home six figures a year.

And they get to make that money from their own home, the beach, the coffee shop – anywhere they can take their laptop.

The writer’s life is a good one. Here are a few tips and suggestions to write your way to the bank.

Choose a lucrative writing field

Some writing opportunities pay more than others.

For example, copywriting pays more than blogging in general because you’re selling a product or a service. Ghostwriting books pays more than article writing.

And business to business writing is in high demand simply because there just aren’t enough writers providing the service.

Hone your skills

The great thing about writing is that you can always improve your skills. Writing is a craft and like most crafts, there is always room for improvement.

Be a constant student. Sign up for writing workshops, read books from expert writers and learn your trade inside and out.

You’ll be better able to answer your client’s questions and to provide the best service money can buy.


In order to become a credible expert it helps to have a specialization. Specialization provides you the opportunity to fine-tune your craft, to offer a better service and to charge more for your time.

You can specialize in a topic or field of interest, or you can specialize in a format. You can also specialize in both, for example “self-help sales copy.”

Be ultra professional

While there are many writers selling their services, many of them don’t take their business as seriously as they should. They miss deadlines. They don’t hire an editor and they don’t handle feedback or communication well.

As a writer, you’re a service provider and a business owner. Professionalism and customer service matter.

Be more than a writer

That isn’t to say that you should offer additional services; however, you can really write your way to the bank if you act as a consultant.

You’re an expert, right? So people will come to you with questions. They’ll want your advice. Be ready, willing and able to give it.

When clients are able to count on you as a partner and consultant, they’re more than willing to pay you the big bucks.


One of the best ways to build a writing business is to network.

Connect with your clients and ask for referrals. Stay in touch with them by sending information they might find useful, or send them simple notes to say hello.

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing device and it’s an effective way to build a writing business.

Be confident

Many writers charge much less than they can. Be confident in your skills and charge what you’re worth, keeping in mind what the market can support.

Writing your way to the bank is possible.

Don’t believe the myth that writers don’t make any money. They do!

Specialize, hone your skills, network and be confident in what you have to offer. To your success!

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