4 Essential Time Management Hacks for Working at Home

Out of all of the issues that home working presents, time management is one of the most problematic.

How can you get everything you need to get done completed, when there are increased distractions to contend with?

Below, you’ll discover some great time management hacks you can implement when you work at home.

Avoid trying to multi-task

It’s common to try and multitask when you’re working at home. Whether it’s trying to work on two different projects at the same time or trying to work and take care of the kids, multi-tasking can prove detrimental to your productivity.

Instead, you’ll need to focus on just one task at a time. When you focus on just one thing, it makes you far more productive. Similarly, grouping similar tasks together can help you to complete them much quicker.

Set yourself realistic deadlines

A good time management tip when you’re working from home, is to set realistic deadlines. You’ll want to compile a list of the most important tasks you need to complete that day. Then, work on them in order.

Set yourself a specific amount of time for each task. You’ll find this really helps to keep you focused on the job at hand.

When you work to deadlines, it helps you to get more work done in a shorter timescale. This is because you’re much less likely to check things such as social media, when you know you only have a set amount of time to complete what you’re working on.    

Take advantage of productivity tools

If you take a look online, you’ll find a lot of productivity tools available. Many of these are free to use and they help to boost productivity when working remotely.

Task management tools are especially great for productivity. They enable you to keep in touch with the team, organize tasks and see exactly what needs to be completed.

You can even find time management tools online. These enable you to better utilize your time, ensuring you get the most important tasks done first.  

Although there are lots of apps and paid tools out there, one of my favourites is the free and super simple pomodoro technique.

Eliminate distractions

One of the biggest challenges you’re going to face in terms of time management, is distractions. There are a lot of distractions when you’re working from home. Whether it’s the phone ringing, the temptation to check social media, or the television; it’s easy to procrastinate with so many distractions around you.

This is why it’s really important to work in a quiet space away from distractions. You could also purchase noise cancelling headphones to ensure you don’t get distracted by surrounding noise while you’re trying to work.

Time management can be difficult when you’re working from home. However, the tips above can really help you to minimize the challenges it presents.

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