5 Best Places to Live in Canada

Canada is a vast and incredible country, with enough cities and towns to leave you lost for where to move.  The questions have to come down to whether you want mountain or ocean views if you’re going to learn new sports and activities- or what concerts you love going to.  There’s a lot of country out there, from tiny towns to massive cities- so if you’re planning on moving, make sure you pick carefully!  Although, honestly, any move in Canada is a great one.

Victoria, BC

Cradled by the ocean, just a ferry ride away from Seattle, this city is everything a young traveler would want to experience!  From fun and lively locals to one of Canada’s most active art scenes, you won’t experience another city so full of culture.  There are endless beautiful restaurants, ranging from Canadian classics like poutine shops to Indian and vegan food.  You’ll want to move the moment you get to walk around the shoreline and take in some of the great sites!

Calgary, AB

Although this city is known for its hockey and history with the oil industry, there’s more to it than that!  You can find yourself lost in the gorgeous views, from the beautiful mountains to the incredible Bow river.  Winters are hard here, but they’re worth it to see these views and meet some of the most excitable people in the country.  The moment you step off the plane, you’ll start wanting to find Calgary homes for sale.

Iqaluit, NU

This town is an outlier on the list because it’s not quite a city.  Home to less than ten thousand people, Iqaluit is in Nunavut, tucked away in ice and snowy mountains.  Although this town is small, it’s home to the best views of Canada.  Nestled right next to the Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park, you can visit and enjoy the wild sights and nature that feel like an extension of the people living there.  It’s a gorgeous town that anyone would be lucky to call home.

Toronto, OT

Toronto needs no formal introduction.  Everyone who has seen the city knows how expansive and incredible it is.  Easy to get lost in, you’ll find the best food in the country, surrounded by fantastic music and food.  This city cranks out more artists than any other part of Canada and offers entertainment that will make you want to move in immediately.  Don’t be scared off by the cold; the city itself is a couple of degrees warmer than the suburbs around it and will wrap you into comfort. 

Montreal, QC

This city gained international attention when it hosted the Olympics in the 1970s, and ever since then, it’s been on the global stage.  If you want a city that can promise you growth and inspire you to take your business and relationships more seriously, this is the place to go.  With no shortage of sports, concerts, and entertainment, you’ll never get bored!

Each of these cities has something to offer anyone needing a getaway, so don’t be shy when it comes to you picking a new home! 

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