How to Start a Diet Coaching Business and Motivate Others to Achieve Their Goals

According to statistics, approximately twenty-five to thirty percent of the population is on a diet.

Unfortunately, more than half of them will quit the diet before they’ve reached their goal.

And a surprising number will regain all of the weight they lost. This is evidence to how difficult dieting and losing weight really is.

A diet coach can be the answer for many people.

What Is a Diet Coach?

A diet coach is someone who essentially helps a person stick to their diet.

A diet coach can specialize in a number of things. They can be certified nutritionists and help create diets for their individual client goals.

They can be an expert in a specific type of diet, for example the Atkins Diet.

They can also simply be motivational coaches with a specialization in diet coaching.

They can be the person who offers that extra oomph a person sometimes needs to overcome dieting challenges.

How Does a Diet Coach Make Money?

A Diet Coach can utilize a number of business models to generate profits.

You could create a diet coaching membership site where you provide one-on-one and group coaching. You could charge by the hour for your coaching services.

You can also create and sell information products like diet cookbooks and motivational guides.

Finally, another option might be to become an affiliate for some diet products.

Starting a Diet Coaching Business

You don’t need a formal degree to become a diet coach.

To get started, however, you may want to obtain certification. You can become a certified coach, nutritionist, personal trainer or a combination of these.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a means to communicate effectively with your clients. That may mean you need a business phone or reliable transportation if you’re meeting with them face to face.

You’ll likely also want a website to market your business. If you’re offering group coaching or a membership program than you’ll want your website to support those functions as well.

Marketing a Diet Coaching Business

Because diet coaching is something that can be provided online or off, you’ll want to decide who your primary audience is.

If they’re online, then the majority of your marketing will also be online. You may use online advertisements, article marketing and social networking to spread the word about your coaching business.

If your clients are primarily local individuals, then you’ll want to also market offline. You can use advertisements in your local paper, flyers, a booth at fairs and festivals, and brochures.

Online or off, you’ll want to have a website to represent your business.

A diet coach needs to have a strong and positive personality. You want to be able to help your clients by motivating them to reach their diet goals. This requires good communication, a system to support them and the desire to help.

If you have these requirements and a basic knowledge about diet and nutrition, you can start your diet coaching business today!

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